MES LAB supplies 3D model design service to virtual reality showroom

In the last few years, mobile technology, which has been growing quickly, is gradually replacing our use of laptops. Shopping online has become in demand and has more users than ever before, especially during the Covid-19.

Besides, the need of connection international commerce of companies has increased.

A large number of companies have sought a solution to change the way of marketing in the digital economy and taking advantage of technology to seek partners, developing new global market.

Consequently, company actually need a modern and attractive digital platform to enhance the customer experience, etc. Virtual reality showroom. is a effective solution can solve the above needs and expectations.

Online shopping trend increases more and more in the digital economy. Courtesy: vnecdn.

The role of virtual reality showroom the digital economy

A virtual showroom is the perfect way to showcase your products and services. Showcasing your portfolio in virtual reality gives customers the ability to discover and engage with your entire product range in a virtual space of your choosing. Clients can intuitively browse your offering, as well as explore and compare the variations, configurations and technical details available for each item.

Virtual reality 3D images simulating Toyota dealerships in the Philippines. Courtesy: Topbank.

Currently, virtual reality showrooms are used to:

  • Demonstrate exactly how your products will work to bring to truthfulness experience
  • Make a real splash with a virtual showroom at most important events and exhibitions. Some of them have changed to online to create virtual booths, such as: Canton Fair, Digital Fair 2020, etc.
  • Boost sales and marketing activities
  • Upload advertising videos on social network
  • Optimize the cost of renting the premises
  • Catch up with digital trends and useful backup method when epidemic events, natural disasters, etc. is long term

3D Model Design Services for virtual reality showroom

MES LAB is a company with extensive experience in Design, Reverse engineering and 3D modeling. We enough capacity to:

  • Process all kinds of 3D models and make 3D printing (depend on customer’s need)
  • Cooperate with our partners to implement the whole project of designing and building virtual reality showrooms
3D model of air conditioner products designed by PDMA. Photo: PDMA Lab.

So, we provide this service to different scale companies in order to help you build 3D models of products, integrate into virtual showroom. This is a solution to help them optimize costs, improve experience, and approach customers effectively.

If you have a need to design 3D models of products, design and build virtual reality showroom, please contact at:

  • Phone: (+84) 917 51 9900
  • Email: