Our story is about a company in a small country, with a vision and ambition to improve the competitiveness of other companies.

In search of methodology

Back in 2005, the manufacturing industry was just emerging in Vietnam. For years, we have seen many companies fall because of lacking methodology. There was one idea, then companies immediately did it without thinking about the customer, the market, the technology and the cost.

For simplifying innovation

The situation make us think about the grand solution for medium and small enterprises, or entrepreneurs and startups, which low resources can easily adopt. We aims to standardize and enhance its products and services.

Begin with the popular World Class processes like Karl Ulrich’s process about Product Design and Development, then the IDEO’s Design Thinking, the Lean philosophy and the Continuous Improvement thinking, then we starting draft a simple process.

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IDEO Design Thinking process

By The D2 Mag

The D2 Mag (D2 means “Design” & “Development”) is a guideline for people or companies who search for methodology for innovation in limited resources environment.

Its based on our self-developed process – the RDI Framework – the one we tested in many companies in Vietnam and success.

Will it help you in some aspect to improve your company? Let us together, we think yes!